List of titles completed by DOTC dogs by year
Title List 2018  pdf  152 titles
Title List 2016  
pdf    100 titles
Title List 2015  
pdf   112 titles
Title List 2014  
pdf    83 titles
Title List 2013  
pdf   108
Title List 2012  
pdf   108 titles
Title List 2011  
pdf       128 titles
Title List 2010   
pdf   105 titles
Title List 2009   
pdf     100 titles
Title List 2008   
pdf      87 titles
Title List 2007   
EXCEL        PDF        118 titles
Title List 2006   
PDF      110 titles
Title List 2005   
Word     PDF      81 titles
Title List 2004   
newsDec 2004   62 titles
Title List 2003        
62 Titles earned in 2003
Dog Owners Training Club
of Lynchburg (VA)
We offer three 8-week obedience training sessions with
classes starting in September, January and March.  Our Level
I class is designed for beginning dogs at least 3 months old.  
We also offer Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Open, Utility, CGC/TDI
and Rally classes based on demand.  Our classes are
indoors in a heated and air-conditioned building.

Click on "Beginner Obedience Classes" or
"Advanced Obedience Classes" for
registration information.  
8 week Training Sessions in 2020
(Tuesday nights) will start on
Sept 15

During the summer we offer outdoor agility classes for
Beginners and  Intermediate   
Go to "Coming Events"  for registration info.
Coming Soon!
If you enjoy these types of activities with your dog, you may
want to
join our club!
DOTC (Home)
Dog Owners Training Club of Lynchburg is a non-profit
organization that has been serving the Central Virginia area
since 1970.  We offer AKC obedience and agility training,
and we sponsor AKC obedience and  agility competitions
throughout the year.
Obedience Classes - all levels - September through May
AKC Trials :   Obedience, Agility
Amy Rookstool's
MACH  CORY  ~~~  August 5, 2012
MACH2 - August 2, 2014              
PACH 3      3/22/16
Amy Rookstool and
MACH DERBY - April 26, 2013
MACH2 - April 2015
Cyndy Ochsner's
September 14, 2013
Brooke Patterson's
MACH 10          11/14/14
Judy Smotrel's
Collie, MICA
Directions to
Boonsboro Ruritan
Polly & Doug Pugh's
Mary Ann Eustis' Poodle -
New AKC Rally Rules - 2017
effective on or after November 1, 2017
Rule Changes
Mini signs with descriptions
Full size signs
DOTC Brochure
Sue Puffenbarger's Labrador Retriever, ZIVA
(19th CH/MH Bitch in Labs and 73rd CH/MH ALL Breed)
147 Titles Earned by
DOTC dogs in 2019
Jim Smotrel's  MACH6 COLT
Sally Von Oesen's   MACH PLAYER
Polly and Doug Pugh's Kelpie,  MACH LAWRIE
The Board of Directors has made the
decision to cancel the Spring training
session entirely.  We will resume
obedience, rally and scent work
classes in the fall.. The Fall session is
scheduled for Sept 15 – Nov 10.
The AKC agility trials scheduled for
April 24-25-26, 2020
have been cancelled.